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Welcome to Frankly Speaking – Training, Research & Development. We have accumulated some fifteen years of experience working in, for, with and about education, life-long learning, civil society, and development, interculturally and internationally.

Frankly Speaking provides consultancy services for non-governmental and international organisations in the voluntary, international development & youth sectors, including research, curriculum development and training, evaluation, strategy development, event organisation and editorial services.

We are passionate about human rights, equality, justice, and peace. We believe in the future of participatory democracies and multicultural civil societies. We demand the sharing of power and the acceptance of diversity. In all aspects of our work, but especially as educators, we try to promote these passions and beliefs.

We believe in life-long learning and think that education and learning cannot be disconnected from the rest of the world. Our projects and our approach therefore start from the reality of the people we work with and operate in a connected and informed triangle of research, policy and practice.

We have the luxury of working with people who are motivated and who trust us to guide them through a mutual learning and creation experiences. In return, we appreciate what we can learn from our clients and partners and go to great lengths to honour their motivation and justify the confidence they have extended us by providing high quality work.

We are flexible and responsive to the interests, needs and possibilities of our clients. We are not flexible in compromising the principles of our approach, which is participant/learner-centred, participative, voluntary, empowering, developmental and based on equality of power relations.

We believe in the uniqueness and complementarity of non-formal learning and contribute much of our experience, knowledge and thinking to the community of practice we consider ourselves part of in order to cultivate transparency and critical feedback, to initiate a discourse on quality and to foster progress and development.

We pay great attention to every single project and are in a constant experimental search for a learner-centred and needs-oriented balance between complexity and simplicity and between theory and practice.

We are not alone, and we do not want to be. We are embedded in a network of partners and friends with whom we co-operate whenever that is meaningfully possible.

We have worked for and with many partners, institutions and organisations, including:

We invite you to feel free to explore our work and our thinking and to get in touch if you like what you see. Thanks for stopping by.