Watch Ajsa talking about youth policies and youth participation for the Massive Open Online Course “Europe and Young People: How Citizenship Works in the European Context”
Watch this video of Ajsa talking about Polarisation and the Culture of Remembrance in Political Youth Work during Youth in Europe Offenburg Talks for Project CHAMPIONs (September 2019)


Writing is an essential part of our work. Next to my work as facilitators and trainers, We are active in many different additional roles in educational contexts. Whether as documentalists, rapporteurs or rapporteurs generales, supervisors, correctors, evaluators or editors, we enjoy observing, thinking, conceptualising, discussing and writing as much as we appreciate the other aspects of our work. We have longstanding experience in the preparation and editing of publications. As with most of our work, many of the publications we have produced are joint efforts with teams and organisational partners, and our contributions to these publications are diverse ranging from contributor to editor.


Listening, Thinking, Exploring, Talking

We believe that non-formal learning should be a key element of everyone’s education in complementarity to informal learning and formal education. Supporting the continuous progress and advance of non-formal learning is one of our aims, and we encourage and assist processes facilitating this development whenever and wherever we can.


A key aspect of our work is the facilitation of debates, discussions and discourses. We have wide-ranging experience in facilitating processes of different lengths, intensity and approaches involving policy-makers, researchers and education practitioners. Recent experiences include an international seminar of youth researchers on human rights, diversity and participation and a conference on human rights education in European metropolitan areas.


Another important element of our community work is to present, speak and discuss about non-formal education and our experiences with organising non-formal learning processes.

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