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Frankly Speaking goes Live, the digital discussion format of Frankly Speaking in this video is tackling the topic of Anti-Racist activism in Europe across generations: From All Different-All Equal to Black Lives Matter, in a Panel of new and not so new personalities from anti-racist youth activism around Europe.


Watch Yael Ohana talking with Hande Taner, Marija Sulejmanova, Joshua Virasami, Alana Lentin, Gavan Titley and Mohammed Dhalech!


Enjoy the video and share with us your thoughts, reflections, reactions!

Our Work

We advise a variety of youth and civil society organisations, international institutions and government ministries about how to improve their policies, programmes and processes. We work with NGO leaders, civil servants and activists to identify current and future needs, barriers to implementation and ideas for innovation in their specific fields of work regarding young people, citizen engagement and social policy.

We develop, design, deliver and evaluate training and educational interventions in a variety of formats, and for a variety of target groups, ranging from short training workshops for the voluntary staff of youth organisations to complex training processes for civil servants.

We share our ideas and conclusions in many different ways with our colleagues and partners in evaluation meetings, conferences, seminars, the occasional blog post and on social media.

We conceptualise, organise and implement tailored processes for the collection of evidence on the basis of which stakeholders in different kinds of organisations and institutions can improve the effectiveness of existing work, and develop new policies, educational programmes and strategies for serving.