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Curriculum Development

Curriculum development services are an ever more important dimension of our work. We work with educational providers, especially in the out-of-school education field, to develop coherent, effective and attractive educational programmes for young people, and intermediaries working with young people (youth and social workers, youth leaders, teachers, out-of-school educators, etc.).

Roma Youth Academy Feasibility Study (2016-17) for the Council of Europe Youth Department

Reconceptualisation of the Youth Work Portfolio (2015) for the Council of Europe Youth Department

Gender Matters – A Manual on Addressing Gender-Based Violence Affecting Young People (2007) for the Council of Europe Youth Department

Re-development of the Academy of Central European Schools (ACES) Quality Concept, Project Assessment Process and Criteria, and Application guide (2011) for Interkulturelles Zentrum Wien and the Erste Foundation

Quality Development and Assurance

We constantly strive to improve our educational work: the quality of what we produce and the effectiveness of what we deliver. It is also something we try to help our clients and partners to do.

Project to Establish a Quality Label for Youth Centres (2010) for the Council of Europe, Youth Department

Project to Establish a Master’s Degree in European Youth Studies (2005 – 2010) with the Support of the European Commission’s Life Long Learning Programme


We develop, design, deliver and evaluate training and educational interventions in a variety of formats, and for a variety of target groups, ranging from short training workshops for the voluntary staff of youth organisations to complex training processes lasting several months for civil servants delivering public policy in the fields of education, social affairs, culture and youth. Each educational intervention is tailor-made to fit clients’ needs and expectations and to address the specific learning objectives of both organisation and target group. Our wide-ranging experience spans a variety of topics from minority youth participation to distance learning, a wide variety of target groups from civil servants to policy makers, researchers and social workers and a wide variety of methodological approaches from World Cafe Debates and Open Space Technology to Theatre of the Oppressed and Appreciative Inquiry.

Training Module for Civil Servants in National Authorities Responsible for Youth on Implementation of National Youth Policy (2016-17) for the Council of Europe, Youth Department

Training for Young Researchers Engaged in the Youth and Public Policy Review Series (2012) with Demokratie & Dialog e.V.